Nigerian london based artist Ayüü has a whole lot to offer the Entertainment Industry

Nigerian london based artist Ayüü has a whole lot to offer the Entertainment Industry


-Briefly tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Ayüü and i’m a singer/songwriter based in Abuja. I often say music is the last chance i have at achieving peace, happiness and success all at once. I feel blessed that i’ve even come this far.

-How did music all start for you?
I guess my earliest influences were my older siblings but for the most part i thought i’d end up a sportsman. I’d do covers to my older sisters songs and sing in choir here and there but never anything serious.

I put out a record on soundcloud in 2016 called ‘In That Order’ and woke up to my first 1000 streams and a couple supporters which was very cool.

-At what point did you decide to go pro?
I’d say in 2017 when i dropped my first EP – H.E.R. [His Emotions Recorded].

-How would you describe a good musician.
Music opinions are subjective but i personally gravitate to soul whisperers. Musicians who tap into sounds and melodies that speak to my soul.

-Describe your pattern of music and what class of people would you say your songs are for?
I believe i’m a sound and genre fusing genius. My music is almost always a combination of my different influences. In terms of class, i pray i make music for every and anyone… especially beautiful women.

-What inspires your style of music?
There’s many styles to my music and my sources of inspiration can come from anywhere. I’m a huge rnb head though.

-How long does it take you to come up with a jam?
It depends on how i’m feeling but it’s never more than a couple hours.

-How many singles have you got, any albums!
13 singles, 3 EP’s and 2 albums in !

-Tell us about your first experience on stage, any embarrassing experience?
First time on stage in nigeria was pretty embarrassing but a lot of people don’t know this. It was a show in Abuja and i wasn’t prepared for how bad the sound was. I sounded like say no be sing the song.

-Any role models?

-What are you presently working on!?
My collective called SAFI which means purity in swahili and loads of music and visuals ! Might drop another EP very soon but don’t tell anyone haha.

-Any celebrity crush?
No time for crush, na money we dey find but
Jemima Osunde & Osas Ighodaro are two queens i’m a huge fan of.

–If you were given a “One night stand opportunity” with any female celebrity, who would it be?
My body is a temple pls. Besides, y’all probably don’t class onlyfans girlies under ‘celebrity’ lool.

-What do you spend your leisure time on?
Basketball !

-If given a fortune, what would you spend it on?

Creating a community where no one lacks. I’ll call it ‘SAFI’.

IG, Twitter & TikTok – @Ayuu_Safi
Facebook – Ayüü


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