Minister Debra – The Beauty Of Your Holiness

Gospel: Minister Debra – The Beauty Of Your Holiness

Minister Debra - The Beauty Of Your Holiness

Gospel minister, Minister Debra lands in with this amazing song, titled The Beauty of your holiness ..

I’m a child of God saved by grace. I grow up in the church. I became a member of the choir at a very young age, I was the youngest in my choir and I loved to sing.

Even though I grow up in the church, I knew that there was something missing in my life, I wanted more, though more of what I did not know but I just knew that I wanted more. Until the year 2002 July the 27th, I had an encounter with our lord Jesus and from that day my life changed.

I knew I was starting a new journey but I also knew that the journey wasn’t going to be easy but I was more than prepared base on my Conversation with the lord.

I’m a product of God’s grace and love and it’s a blessing to do what I do because who I am I that he’s mindful of? I’m so grateful to God for his love upon me and for trusting me with his work

Singing is my life. There’s no way I can function without praise in my mouth or in my heart.

Singing get me through the highest montane of life and I’m truly humble to God.

I remember one day I called my mom God bless her soul, I was going through something challenges and I called my mom to seek for some advice but my mom said to me”baby keep singing , don’t you sing anymore?” What my mom was saying to me was that when I sing I connect to my God and there I find solution to my challenges or problems.

So I encourage everyone to hold on to God and he will never let you go.



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